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Cameron Samuels

Activist, leader, designer, developer, teenager

Co-founder of Cease FireMember of MFOL Houston

Cameron Samuels

Just a kid, eh?

I am Cameron Samuels and I'm 14/yo

I'm a Senior Software Developer and I've made many apps over the years, including a top-chart fidget spinner app with more than 600,000 downloads in the first 3 months.

Check out my GitHub

What do I know?

Well, here's the list

Server Side php MySQL
Client Side JavaScript HTML5 CSS3
Miscellaneous SVG Graphics Web Extensions
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To me, a fidget spinner is more than just a toy

In April 2017, fidget spinners rapidly became the newest trend. When I realized that, I acted quickly and developed an app with a virtual spinner. Afterwards, I released it to the public and I couldn't believe my eyes. Within the first week, I was already getting over 20,000 downloads a day. Today, it has more than 700,000 downloads.

Placeholder Page Designer

You can solve a Rubik's Cube!?

In fact, I can. And I made apps for it too. I have also competed in 3 competitions sanctioned by the World Cube Association.

RU Cubing

Cube Timer


Cube Scrambler


Ludum Dare

These are games I made in 48 hours for a game developing competition. I have participated in these a total of 4 times.

Ludum Dare 41
Nine Lives
Ludum Dare 40
Gina's Bed & Breakfast
Googol Modifier

Change Google's logo to anything by adding the Chrome Extension

Make your dev life way easier

MarqueeTitle allows developers to make their website's tab title text scroll

PolyGEN allows developers to easily draw polygons on an HTML5 canvas

iCon Rounder can round icons with just two clicks: upload, and download

KeyCODE allows users to instantly find JavaScript keyCode's

There's more on GitHub