Cameron Samuels

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A JavaScript Web Developer - The CEO of Xeleration

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Most Popular


Enjoy quick addictive battles while building your team

Fidget Spinner

A fidget spinner app with over 700,000 downloads

Chrome Tools

Googol Mod

Customize Google's logo to whatever you want


Always open links in new tabs with a switch flip


Select any text even if the website disallows it

Rubik's Tools

RU Cubing

A Rubik's cube timer for iOS and the web


A Rubik's cube scrambler for iOS and the web

Game Tools


A basketball scoreboard that helps win games

Scrabble Sidekick

Find scrabble values by typing any word

Dice Thrower

A dice rolling app with a purpose

Dev Tools

iCon Rounder

Round icons iOS-like with only 2 clicks


Find e.keyCode and e.which by typing the key

JS Libraries


Integrate animated browser tab titles


Draw html5 canvas polygons the easy way

Ludum Dare


You're on a mission to eat healthy. Can you?

Delta Cubed

Type to shapeshift polygons to add sides

Moving Mango

Click a moving mango zooming across your screen