Latest Message (September 27) — Thank you for participating in the HS Civic Week of Action. Keep the momentum going and get out the vote this election! I will be sending a couple messages in October to remind you of important dates and information. Don't forget that people must be registered before the state-specific deadline!

July The Vote

Infographics and resources that educate and foster dialogue about civic engagement

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Infographic (7/28) - Voter turnout in the US is low compared to other countries Infographic (7/23) - Youth under 18 can register to vote! Infographic (7/17) - Gerrymandering is when politicians choose their voters.
Infographic (7/12) - There are many types of elections including primaries, general, and runoff elections. Infographic (7/9) - Early voting is a much better option than voting on election day. Infographic (7/6) - Voter suppression is a problem that can consist of limited polling places, language barriers, false registration purges, no early voting, and difficult voter registration. Infographic (7/4) - Providing our voices in the democratic process is our civic duty. Infographic (7/3) - The November election is 4 months away, and there is a deadline to register to vote.

Civic Week of Action (2020)

July The Vote (2020)