Turn tab titles into scroling text

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MarqueeTitle is a JavaScript library for easily turning document.title into scrolling text (a marquee).
Look at this page's tab text for the practical usage.

Why use this?

  • Simple, easy, user-friendly, and powerful
  • Highly customizeable with many changeable settings
  • No effect on load and request times (it's super lightweight)
  • When too long, see all of the title instead of never seeing the end
  • See the whole entire title at all times (when not too long)
  • Instant setup
  • Works when not actively on the tab (most browsers)
  • Still in development with many updates to come
  • And all the below features


  • Start, stop, pause, resume, loop, and cycle the marquee
  • Slim version for even more lightweight code
  • Full documentation for methods and properties
  • Choose the scroling speed, direction of shifting, and separation character between end and beginning
  • Manually shift the title
  • Choose how many cycles it loops to
  • Pause the scrolling and then resume back to where it left off
  • Stop the scrolling and reset to the normal position

Get started

First download marquee.js to your code folder. Then use this code relatively in your app:


<script src="marquee.js"></script>


MarqueeTitle.start(); //call this function to start marquee

Learn about more methods and properties in the documentation.


This library was made by Cameron Samuels.
MarqueeTitle in licensed under the Cameron Samuels License.